Facebook Privacy Policy and User Information Deletion Instructions

  1. CephaloPod, it’s Owners and its subsidiaries do not claim or collect information from User Facebook accounts, outside of the profile/identity validation process offered by the Facebook login API.
  2. Any information imported by the platform following Facebook login can be edited by the User at any time. The User account can also be deleted at any time, which will terminate any and all connection from the Facebook profile to the CephaloPod platform.
  3. Your authenticated user information can be fully deleted by CephaloPod Administrators at any time. Please write to cephalopodapp@gmail.com from the same email that’s tied to your account, and request profile deletion. We will have the profile deleted within 72 hours after the initial request is made.
  4. Upon deletion, any information uploaded by the User to the platform will also be deleted by default.
  5. If you have uploaded content that is important to you, save it on your own before you request deletion. We are not legally liable for lost information due to profile deletion request.
  6. For comprehensive information further to the liability of the Platform, please refer to the Terms of Service at CephaloPod Terms of Service/EULA – cephalotech.net

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